Launch your IT career at The Network Pro

Careers at TNP

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll be able to indulge in at The Network Pro. Plus, we’re always adding and improving. It’s a key part of how we grow our great team of top notch experts. The Network Pro:

is team-oriented — our work environment is highly collaborative.

provides training and certifications — we want you to thrive and grow professionally.

…enjoys our down time — we want you to kick back and re-energize in our on-site lounge.

mixes it up each work day — you will never get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

connects with diverse customers — different industries, different technologies – not to be redundant, but you will NEVER be bored.

Stay Smart/Get Smarter

  • Get knee-deep in the trenches on day one
  • Receive the cutting edge training and certifications you need to keep fresh
  • Investment in you personally and professionally
  • Continuous on-the-job learning – different companies, different problems to solve, different people to work with, just plain different each day
  • Shared brain power and brilliance – mentoring by others and collaborating with a team

The Winning Team

  • Join the over-achievers club
  • Bring your diverse background, experiences and hobbies
  • Like a family, without the drama
  • Collegial, mentor and help one another
  • Your input is important – no robots need apply
  • Feedback and coaching

Slay Some Dragons

  • Solve the unsolvable
  • Help customers tackle their technology problems…and some others, too
  • Teach them and help make their lives easier at work
  • New challenges every day – with the support to meet them

Work Hard, Play Hard

  • Celebrate the “wins”
  • Have fun along the way
  • Lots of complimentary liquids and treats for the tasting
  • Generous with time, talent and treasure to make the Southern California and Arizona communities a better place
  • Competitive compensation and benefits to keep you engaged and fulfilled

It’s all about relationships

We recognize the value of technology and people. The Network Pro is the best of left- and right-brain living.

One minute you’ll find yourself elbow-deep in an infrastructure upgrade, and the next you might be embroiled in a heated discussion about artificial intelligence – or even better – extraterrestrials! Love a challenge? Come and work with us.

We have an outstanding reputation for great work and take pride in seeing our clients grow and succeed. We’re looking for smart teammates who can thrive in a work-hard/play-hard environment.

Think you have to be in Silicon Valley to do cutting edge IT work? Get to know us at The Network Pro, where you’ll find that you can have true work-life balance in IT.

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